Omar Little aka Omar the Terror

Kima: "He fierce?"

Bubs: "That nigger don't play."

Omar grew up in the West Side, went to Edmundson High School (same as Bunk). Recently released from Jessup Penitentiary. Makes his living ripping & robbing drug dealers and others in "the game".

Never explained, he has a scar that runs from the middle of his forehead down his right cheek, near his nose.



McNulty:"Kid had heart."

Omar: ".....yeah...."

Omar's young lover. Is he fierce? During the stash-house heist, he knocked Stinkum the gunman around pretty good, and took charge of the hoppers while Omar yielded his shotgun. He endured torture, or, as McNulty described it, being killed 4 or 5 times, rather than reveal Omar's whereabouts to Avon Barksdale's enforcers who had kidnapped him.  



John Bailey

Omar: "I'm just a nigger with a plan, man."

Bailey:" And a shotgun."

Third member of Omar's stick-up crew. He originally ran with Omar's older brother, No-Heart Anthony.  

spek's apology:

i am one lazy muthafucka

there's about a miljun characters in The Wire, each and every one special in his or her own way. I invite you to send in your own description of you faves and I promise to post them ALL, even the inaccurate ones. Especially you dissin' the AB crew.


Jimmy McNulty, homicide

Kima Greggs: narcotics

Bunk: Jimmy's partner in homicide

Daniels: Lt of special narcotics/homicide detail that sets up the wire to put an end to Avon Barksdale's drug empire in the projects of West Baltimore

Basement cops on the Wire detail: Freamon, Herc, Carver, Prez, Sydnor, Santangelo.


Barksdale Crew:

Avon Barksdale - Drug Kingpin of highly organized, ruthless drug empire dominating the projects in West Baltimore (with plans to expand).

Stringer Bell - AB's lieutenant.

D'Angelo Barksdale: the reluctant Michael Corleone of the AB family

Other characters of note include Shardene, a gentleman's club dancer, Bubs, a drug addict, Kima's confidential informant (aka professional snitch), Bodie, Wallace, Poot, Wee-Bay, Byrd, Stinkum, Savino, Proposition Joe.Character descriptions for these characters will be prepared as fan fic warrents. For detailed list of principle characters, please visit


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