Six Feet Under

Slash fiction featuring characters from the HBO dark comedy/drama series Six Feet Under by Alan Ball. New shows premiere Sundays at 9:30, with repeats through-out the week.

13 episodes in Season 1, 13 more episodes in Season 2. Season 3? God, yes!

David Fisher is the younger son of Fisher and Sons. At age 31, he has long ago given up dreams of going to law school in order to assist his father's funeral business. When Nathaniel Fisher, Sr. is killed in a collision with a L.A. city bus while driving the business's brand new hearse, David's older brother, Nate, JR (the prodigal son), inherits half of the family business, much to David's dismay.

Nate, Jr. moves back into the family home, which is also the location of the Fisher and Sons mortuary. David's mother, Ruth, and teenaged sister, Claire, are the other members of the Fisher household.

David is under the impression that no one knows he is gay, except, ofcourse, his boyfriend, LA police officer Keith Charles. Keith, who is African-American, is an out and proud gay man, which leads to constant conflict with David. The pressure leads to a break up, and David begins the process of exploring his sexuality, a journey that many hope will lead him back to Keith's arms. Will David and Keith reconcile? We may have to wait until Season 2 for the answer to that question.

Some canonical facts: Keith and David met in church. They both attend a gay church in West Hollywood (St. Stephens) but it has never been stated that that is where they met. David has met Keith's parents, and has even spent a weekend at their home. Until Nate Sr.s death, Keith had never met any member of David's family. Claire has figured out on her own that Keith and David are a couple. Just before their break-up, David came out of the closet to his brother, Nate, Jr. According to Jennifer, David's ex-fiancee, Nate, Sr. knew they broke their engagement because of David's sexuality. However, it isn't clear that David and his father ever spoke about it.

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